Korea Polytechnic IV Daejeon

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Daejeon Polytechnic College
Established 1994
President Mun Gye-ok
Location Daejeon, Daejeon, South Korea South Korea
Campus Urban(Daejeon Campus)
Website www.tjpc.ac.kr [1]
Korea Polytechnic IV Daejeon
Hangul 대전기능대학
Hanja 大田技能大學
Revised Romanization Daejeon Gineung Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Taejŏn Kinŭng Taehak

Daejeon Polytechnic College is a vocational training college in the metropolitan city of Daejeon, South Korea. The current president is Mun Gye-ok (문계옥).


The courses of study at the college are divided among seven departments:

Like most polytechnic colleges in the country, these courses strongly emphasize practical applications, through project-based practical learning.


The college was founded in 1994.

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