Korea Sogyong Trading

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Korea Sogyong Trading
Chosŏn'gŭl 조선서경무역회사
Revised Romanization Joseon Seogyeong Mu-yeok Hoesa
McCune–Reischauer Chosŏn Sŏkyŏng Muyŏk Hoesa

The Korea Sogyong Trading Corporation is a North Korean company that exports carpets and manufactures cigarettes.[1]


Its cigarette manufacturing business began in September 2001 when it formed a 40%-60% joint venture with British American Tobacco called Taesong-BAT.[2] As of 2005, when the venture became known to the public, Taesong-BAT employed 200 people in Pyongyang and produced 2 billion cigarettes per year.[citation needed]


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