Korea University of Technology and Education

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Korea University of Technology and Education
Motto Search for a truth or a solution based on established facts
Established 1991
Type Government supported
Academic staff
Location Cheon-An, Chungnam Province, South Korea
Website www.koreatech.ac.kr

The Korea University of Technology and Education, or KOREA TECH (Hangeul: 한국기술교육대학교), is a university in Cheonan, South Chungcheong, South Korea. The university was opened in 1991 and its current president is Dr. Un-ki Jeon.

It is a government-supported university specializing in teaching engineering and human resource development (HRD).


The university was founded in 1991 with government funding by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, initially for fostering vocational school instructors. Since then, its role has expanded to include educating engineers and HRD specialists to qualify in both practical skills and teaching ability. In 1998, to re-educate vocational school instructors and field engineers, KOREA TECH established an auxiliary institute, the Human Resources Development Institute (HRDI), with government aid. At this institute, over 11,000 trainees participated in one week to 6 month programs in new technology and teaching methods in 2007. To develop cooperation and to close the technology gap between major and small-and-medium-sized industries, KOREA TECH founded the KOREA TECH-Samsung Advanced Electronics Technology Education Center in 2004. At this center, over 1,900 engineers from Samsung Electronics and its affiliates have participated in one to two week programs in 2007.


Campus Ⅰ[edit]

  • New admissions 940 in 2011
Graduate school 486(M.A., Ph.D)
Total faculty 278
  • Full-time: 155 faculty, 28 research fellows
  • Part-time: 29 faculty, 62 associates
Student-faculty ratio 30 to 1
Selectivity (2011)
  • Tier 1 Highly competitive: competition rate 10.2:1
  • Class of 2011 freshman profile: top 14.2% in Korean SAT
Schools (Dept.) BA MA Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering O O O
Mechatronics Engineering O O O
Electric, Electronics & Communication Engineering O O O
Computer Engineering O O O
Industrial Design Engineering(Dept.) O O O
Energy•Materials•Chemical Engineering O O O
Architectural Engineering O O O
Industrial Management O
Management of Technology O O
Human Resources Development O O
Liberal Arts O

Campus Ⅱ[edit]

Human Resources Development Institute
  • Vocational School Instructors
  • Professional Engineers & Technicians
KOREA TECH-Samsung Electronics Advanced Technology education Center
  • Engineer Training for Samsung and its Affiliates companies

Campus Ⅲ[edit]

Employment & Labor Training Institute
  • Education for Civil Servants, Private Employers and Labor Unions

Rankings and reputation[edit]

The Korea Council for University Education (KCUE), which conducts engineering accreditation every five years, ranked KOREA TECH in the 'best group' of universities in Korea in the fields of Mechanical and IT Engineering in 2006 and in 2007. In 2010, in Korea JoongAng Daily's nationwide university evaluation, KOREA TECH ranked highly in these evaluation categories:

  • Education Centered University (Rank #1)
  • After-Graduation Employment (Rank #1)
  • Educational Environment (Rank #9)
  • Dormitory Accommodation (Rank #3)
  • University Ranking without Medical School (Rank #8)
  • Cost Expense Return Rate (Rank #3)

Post-graduation employment[edit]

The university recorded an employment rate of 85.9% in 2014 in a recent survey conducted by the Ministry of Education. It is the highest-ranked university nationally.

The university was placed first in 2010 with an employment rate of 81.1%, second in 2011 with 79.4%, first in 2012 with 82.9%, first in 2013 with 81.8%, and first again in 2014 with 85.9%.

On the basis of department, Mechanical Engineering marked the highest figure of 91.3%, followed by Architecture 90.9%.


In the 2012 academic year, KOREA TECH admitted 1,119 students out of 9,609 applicants. The freshmen were in the top 10% of Korea's SAT scores.

Student life[edit]

Most KOREA TECH students (nearly 70%) live in campus dormitories. There are amenities such as a bank, convenience store, coffee shop and fitness center. All labs and lecture rooms are open to the students 24 hours a day. There are two major student events: the 'Han-Maek' Festival (Spring semester) and the Graduation Exhibition (Fall semester). During those times, the university is open to the public.


The university's 20th Anniversary Renewed Symbol is designed to resemble a semiconductor, with the initials 'K(Korea)' and 'T(Technology)'.

The mascot character is a dragon.

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