Korean American Presbyterian Church

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Korean American Presbyterian Church
TheologyEvangelical Reformed
RegionUnited States, Canada, Latin America, Philippines, Asia, Russia
Branched fromPresbyterian Church of Korea
Members70,000 communicant members [1]
Official websitewww.kapc.org

Korean American Presbyterian Church is a conservative Presbyterian denomination in the United States and Canada.


It was formed in 1978 by Korean immigrants in the campus of Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. On its founding date the church consisted of 5 presbyteries. These are the Presbytery of California, the Central Presbytery, New York Presbytery, Presbytery of Philadelphia and Canada Presbytery. The denomination is a conservative, doctrinally driven church. In the end of the 1990s the church consisted of 19 presbyteries not just in North and South America, but Russia, Europe. In 1983 it joined the North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council.[2]


In California the church maintains its own Seminary, but accepts other conservative Seminary graduate pastors after examination. The church has well over 33,000 members and more than 400 congregations in 2004.[3] According to the KAPC statistics there are more than 53,000 baptised members, 600 affiliated congregations. The church has ministries in the US army, and chaplains. It experience rapid growth. The church now has 26 presbyteries, included 4 presbyteries in Southern California, 3 presbyteries in Northern California, a Presbytery in Hawaii, it has 8 presbyteries in the Eastern American states, a Central Presbytery, Southern and Southeastern US Presbyteries, it has in Brazil a Brazilian Presbytery, one in the Philippines, and a Pacific Ocean Presbytery, the Latin America Presbytery and the Presbytery of New Zealand,. In 2010 an English language Presbytery was launched. It has missions in 19 countries.[4]

The main office of the stated clerk located in Oreland, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia.[5]


The church adheres to the Westminster Confession of Faith, Westminster Larger Catechism, Westminster Shorter Catechism.[6][7]


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