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The Korean Movie Database (KMDb)
KMDb logo kr.gif
KMDb logo en.gif
Web address www.kmdb.or.kr
Type of site
Online movie, TV, and animation database
Registration Optional
Available in Korean, English
Owner Korean Film Archive
Launched February 2006
Current status Active
Korean Movie Database
Hangul 한국영화 데이터베이스
Hanja 韓國映畵 -
Revised Romanization Han'guk yeonghwa deiteo baiseu
McCune–Reischauer Hankuk yŏnghwa teitŏ paisǔ

The Korean Movie Database (KMDb) is a South Korean online database of information related to Korean movies, animation, actors, television shows, production crew personnel and other film-related information. KMDb launched on February 2006 by Korean Film Archive. While it was modeled after the American online commercial film archive, Internet Movie Database, the site is a public site.[1][2]

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