Korean Sport & Olympic Committee

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Korean Sport & Olympic Committee
Korean Sport & Olympic Committee logo
Korean Sport & Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  South Korea
Code KOR
Created 1920 (as Korean Sports Council, 조선체육회)
1954 (as KOC, 대한올림픽위원회)
2016 (as KOC, 대한체육회)
Recognized 1948
Headquarters 424, Olympic-ro
Songpa-gu, Seoul
South Korea
President Lee Kee-heung
Secretary General Choongryul Jeon
Website www.sports.or.kr

The Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (Korean: 대한체육회, Abbr.: KOC) is the National Olympic Committee of Republic of Korea (competing as Korea) for the Olympic Games movement and inbound sports issue. It is a non-profit organization that selects players and teams to represent the nation, and raises funds to send them to Olympic events organized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It was part of Korea Sports Council which was established in 1920, but two organizations were merged in 2009.[1] Korean Olympic Committee merged with the Korea Council of Sport for All since March 2016 and renamed as Korean Sport & Olympic Committee since late November 2016 but the emblem of the Committee and the name in Korean are remaining the same as previous.

List of presidents[edit]

President Term
Ye Un-hyeng 1947
Jung Hwan-bum 1948
Sin Ik-hee 1948-1949
Sin Hung-woo 1949-1951
Jo Ok-Byeng 1951-1952
Lee Ki-boong 1952-1960
Kim Dong-ha 1961-1962
Lee Ju-Il 1962
Lee Hyo 1962-1964
Lee Sang-beck 1964-1966
Chang Ki-young 1966-1968
Min Gwan-sik 1968-1970
Kim Yong-woo 1971
Kim Taek-soo 1974-1976
Park Chong-kyu 1979-1980
Jo Sang-ho 1980-1982
Jung Ju-young 1982-1984
No Tae-woo 1984-1985
Kim Jong-ha 1985-1989
Kim Jong-yeol 1989-1993
Kim Un-yong 1993-2002
Lee Yun-taek 2002-2005
Kim Jung-gil 2005-2008
Lee Yun-taek 2008-2009
Park Yong-sung 2009-2013
Kim Jung-haeng 2013-2016
Lee Kee-heung 2016-present

IOC Members[edit]

Member Term
Lee Ki-boong 1955-1960
Lee Sang-baek 1964-1960
Chang Ki-young 1967-1977
Kim Taek-soo 1977-1983
Park Chong-kyu 1984-1985
Kim Un-yong 1986-2005
Lee Kun-hee 1996-2014
Park Yong-sung 2002-2007
Moon Dae-sung 2008-2016
Ryu Seung-min 2016-present

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