Korean Presbyterian Church in America

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Korean Presbyterian Church in America
Classification Protestant
Orientation liberal Calvinist
Theology Reformed
Polity Presbyterian
Associations World Communion of Reformed Churches
Region USA, Canada
Origin 1976
United States
Congregations 302
Members 55,000

The Korean Presbyterian Church in America now Korean Presbyterian Church Abroad (changed name in 2012)is an independent Presbyterian denomination in the USA. It was founded in 1976 as an union of 3 Korean language Presbyteries. The mother church was the Presbyterian Church in Korea (TongHap). The church has close relationship with the PC(USA) and the Korean Christian Church in Japan. In 2004 it had 29,000 members and 263 congreagtions. According to the recent statistics it has 55,000 members and 302 congregations.[1] Official languages are English and Korean. The church subscribes the Westminster Confession[2] and the Apostles Creed.[3][4]

Since 2010 it formed an English speaking presbytery.[5]

Member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches.[6]

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