Korean Revolution Museum

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Korean Revolution Museum
Korean Revolution Museum.jpg
Main entrance of the museum on Mansudae Hill
Established 1 August 1948 (1948-08-01)
Location Pyongyang, North Korea
Type History museum
Visitors 27 million since 1948[1]

The Korean Revolution Museum is a museum located in North Korea.[2] It was founded on August 1, 1948 and holds a large exhibition of items related to Kim Il-sung and the Korean revolutionary movement.

The Korean Revolution Museum encompass the period between 1860 and the present day, including the anti-Japanese resistance, the Korean War and the period of socialist construction. It has 90 rooms which hold items related to Kim Il-sung and his associates, Korean reunification, the Korean diaspora, and various historical battles. Since its establishment, it has had 27 million visitors from North Korea and abroad.[1] At 240,000 square metres, it is also one of the largest structures in the world.[3]

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