Korean fried chicken

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Korean fried chicken
Korean.cuisine-Yangnyeom chicken-01.jpg
Korean-style yangnyeom fried chicken
Korean name
Hangul 양념 치킨
Hanja n/a
Revised Romanization yangnyeom chicken
McCune–Reischauer yangnyom chicken
Korean fried chicken

Korean fried chicken or seasoned chicken (Korean: 양념 치킨; yangnyeom chicken) is a fried chicken dish prepared in a Korean style. It is consumed as a meal, fast food at bars, or as an after meal snack in Korea.[1]

Korean fried chicken differs from typical American fried chicken by being fried twice. This results in the skin being crunchier and less greasy. Furthermore, Korean-style chicken is not characterized by the crags and crusty nubs associated with American fried chicken as described by Julia Moskin of The New York Times as a "thin, crackly and almost transparent".[1] The chickens are usually seasoned with spices, sugar, and salt, prior to and after being fried. Korean fried chicken restaurants commonly use small- or medium-sized chicken, in other words, younger chickens resulting in more tender meat. Pickled radishes, beer, and soju are often served with Korean fried chicken.

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