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For places in Iran, see Koreng, Iran (disambiguation).
Noongar language groups

The Koreng also known as the Goreng[1] are an Australian Aboriginal group originating from the south-west of Western Australia, around the Stirling Ranges.[2] The total area of lands of which the Koreng are traditional owners is 15,600 square kilometres (6,023 sq mi) from the Gairdner River to the Bremer Bay inland to Jerramungup, Pingrup and west to Tambellup and Gnowangerup.[3]

The Koreng have inhabited the region for at least 45,000 years,[4] and are part of the Wagyl Kaip and Southern Noongar Region Noongar dialectals group along with the Mineng and the Ganeang peoples. The Wagyl Kaip and Southern Noongar claim for Native Title was made in September 2006.[5]


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