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Korenica is located in Croatia
Location of Otočac in Croatia

Korenica is a town in Lika, Croatia, located in the municipality of Plitvička Jezera, on the road between Plitvice and Udbina. It has 1,766 residents (2011).[1]

In SFR Yugoslavia it was named Titova Korenica after Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. The population consists of local ethnic Croats and Serbs, and there are also Croats from Bosnia who moved to Croatia after the Croatian War for Independence.

Korenica has one elementary school and one high school.


Until 1918, Korenica was part of the Austrian monarchy (Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia, Lika-Krbava County) after the compromise of 1867), in the Croatian Military Frontier, administered by the Kommando OTTOTSCHANER Regiment N°II before 1881. A post-office was opened in 1862.[2]

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Coordinates: 44°44′36″N 15°42′23″E / 44.74333°N 15.70639°E / 44.74333; 15.70639