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The Mini Pops were a number of early drum machines from the Japanese musical equipment company Korg during the late 1960s[1] and the 1970s.[2] The machines were based around a number of preset rhythm patterns,[3][4] such as waltz, samba and rhumba.

Notable users[edit]

French musician Jean-Michel Jarre, used a Minipops throughout his breakthrough album, Oxygene. This rhythm was achieved by overlaying two of the presets in a manner not intended by the machine's original design.[3] Aphex Twin used the Mini Pops drum machine on his album Syro, and named his single "minipops 67 [120.2]" after it.[5] Echo and the Bunnymen also used the drum machine at the beginning of their career.[6]


Minipops 3[edit]

Released 1967.[7] Features four drum sounds.[8]

Minipops 5[edit]

Korg / Donca Matic Mini Pops 5

Released in 1966.

Minipops 7[edit]

Korg Mini-Pops 7

Released in 1966. Featured 15 drums sounds and 20 patterns.[9] It was used by Jean-Michel Jarre on the track Oxygène (Part II, IV and VI), Équinoxe (Part V, VI and VII) and Equinoxe Infinity (Robots Don't Cry - movement 3).

On Oxygène Part II and Part IV a combination of patterns Beguine and Slow Rock were used and on Oxygène Part VI were used a combination of Rumba plus Bossanova patterns.

Équinoxe Part V, VI and VII featured the Rock 1 pattern.

Minipops 20 S[edit]

Released 1967. The S denoted stereo

Minipops 35[edit]

Released 1976. Features 6 drum sounds and 9 patterns.[10]

Minipops 120[edit]

Korg / Univox Mini Pops SR-120
Desktop version
Portable version

Released 1976. Features 6 drum sounds and 16 patterns.[11] This was also sold in the United States under the Univox brand.

Minipops Junior[edit]

Released 1972. Features 10 preset rhythms.[12] also has a footswitch to stop and start the rhythms.


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