Korgfjell Tunnel

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Korgfjell Tunnel
Southern entrance in Vefsn
Location Nordland, Norway
Coordinates 66°03′30″N 13°41′11″E / 66.0583°N 13.6865°E / 66.0583; 13.6865Coordinates: 66°03′30″N 13°41′11″E / 66.0583°N 13.6865°E / 66.0583; 13.6865
Route E06
Start Hemnes 66°2′52″N 13°38′0″E / 66.04778°N 13.63333°E / 66.04778; 13.63333
End Vefsn 66°4′27″N 13°48′31″E / 66.07417°N 13.80861°E / 66.07417; 13.80861
Work begun 2001
Opened 16 September 2005
Traffic Automotive
Length 8,530 metres (5.30 mi)

The Korgfjell Tunnel (Norwegian: Korgfjelltunnelen) is an 8,530-metre (5.30 mi) long road tunnel connecting Knutli in Vefsn with Korgen in Hemnes, both in Nordland county in northern Norway. Work on the tunnel started in September 2001 and it was opened on 16 September 2005.[1][2]

The tunnel replaced a narrow, steep, twisting mountain road and shortened the European route E06 highway by 4 kilometres (2.5 mi). The travel time was shortened by 10–20 minutes. Before the tunnel, trucks with trailers were often stuck going uphill in snowy conditions, blocking the road. The place was considered one of the worst places on the E6 highway. The mountain road was built by the Germans during World War II, replacing a ferry connection at Elsfjord. The cost of the tunnel, including new roads at both ends, was about 450 million kr.



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