Koringa River

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Colonial Yanaon and Koringa river on the map
Koringa River at Tallarevu village during monsoon

River Koringa (Telugu: కోరింగ నది; also spelled as River Coringa) is the Athreya Branch of Goutami Godavari River flowing in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India.


Goutami Godavari is the eastern Branch of godavari that splits at Vijjeswaram while Vasista Godavari is the western Branch. Other main branch is Vainateya, which got split at Dowleswaram. Minor tributaries are Tulya, Atreya and Bharadwaja.

Other Names[edit]

It is also known as Coringa, Koringa, Corangi, Coringuy by colonial rulers.

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