Kornél Sámuel

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His acclaimed bust of 1909

Kornél Sámuel (1883 in Szilágykövesd - 1914 in Uzsok) was a Hungarian sculptor noted for his delicate rhythm and lyrical approach to sculpting. He died at the beginning of World War I and was the first victim from the arts in World War I from Hungary.


He was a pupil of Lajos Mátrai at the School of Applied Arts, and that of Balthasar Schmitt in Munich from 1905. His works were exhibited in the Kunstverein in 1900. On his return to Hungary in 1908, he worked in the workshop of Eduard Telcs. He was awarded for the statue "Female Nude" in 1909-1910.

In 1911 he traveled to Italy. His other notable works include "Eve", "Narcissus", and "David".

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