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Концерт группы КОРНИ на открытии гипермаркета ЮЖНЫЙ в Северодвинске.jpg
Background information
Origin Russia
Genres Pop rock, teen pop, hard rock, blues, disco, techno
Years active 2002–present
Members Pavel Artemyev
Alexandr Astashenok \
Alexandr Berdnikov
Alexey Kabanov

Korni (Russian: Корни, Roots) is a Russian pop rock band. They rose to fame when they won best band on the show Star Factory-1. The Band members include: Pavel Artemyev (bass guitar), Alexandr Astashenok (guitar), Alexandr Berdnikov (vocal), and Alexey Kabanov (keyboards).[1]


Korni was created by Pavel Artemyev and Igor Matvienko. The band started with the single "We Will Rock You", which is a cover of the same name originally from the band Queen. The album Na veka (На века, For centuries) was in a europop style along with blues and rap. Their following album Dnevniki (Дневники, Diaries) contained more of an alternative rock and electronic style.



  • "S dnem rozhdeniya Vika" - used in the Russian version OST of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  • "Naperegonki s vetrom" - used in the OST to television film "Kadetstvo"
  • "Ty uznaesh ee" - used in the OST of comedy television film "Schastlivy vmeste".
  • "Nasha Masha" - used in the OST of film "Nasha Masha i volshebniy oreh".
  • "Zakrit' glaza" - used in the OST of film "V ozhidanii chuda".


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