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Koro were a short-lived hardcore punk band from Knoxville, Tennessee. They released one self-titled 7" EP in 1983 and recorded a demo for an unreleased LP entitled Speed Kills.

The EP consisted of eight short, furious songs in the vein of early Poison Idea and Deep Wound, clocking in at a cumulative total of just over six minutes, and was originally released with a pressing total of 500,[1] although closer to 300 were actually sold. According to guitarist Carl Snow in an interview in 2002, the remainder were given to Jello Biafra when the band opened for the Dead Kennedys in Atlanta, and were subsequently lost.[2][dubious ] The band split up in 1984.

The self-titled 7" was re-released several times by bootleggers, but did not see official reproduction until the mid-90s, on the US Hardcore label, in a substandard copy of the original. Sorry State Records re-released the 7" in its original format with audio remastering in 2006. The label later released the Speed Kills LP in its entirety in 2006, completely remastered for 12" vinyl.