Koroglaš Monastery

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Koroglaš monastery
Манастир Короглаш 6.JPG
Koroglaš monastery
Monastery information
Full nameМанастир Корoглаш
OrderSerbian Orthodox
Established14th century
Controlled churchesMiloševo church
Founder(s)Stefan Milutin
Important associated figuresPrince Marko
LocationMiloševo, Negotin, Serbia

Koroglaš monastery (Serbian: Манастир Корoглаш, Romanian: Mănăstirea Coroglaşi) is an abandoned 14th century Serbian Orthodox monastery in the village of Miloševo, Negotin, Serbia, thought to have been founded by Serbian king Stefan Milutin of the Nemanjić dynasty. Legend says that King of Prilep Prince Marko was buried here after returning from the Battle of Rovine against Mircea cel Bătrân of Wallachia in 1395. The same legend mentioned that Mircea cel Bătrân erected the monastery in memory of Christians killed in the battle of Rovine and in memory of Marko[1] A medieval necropolis of the monastery is partly excavated.[2]

Koroglaš Monastery was declared Monument of Culture of Great Importance in 1979, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia.[3]

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