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Flag of Korop
Coat of arms of Korop
Coat of arms

Korop (Ukrainian: Короп) is an urban-type settlement (town) in Chernihiv Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine, the administrative center of Korop Raion.[1] Population: 5371 (2017)[2]

The name of the town means "carp" in Ukrainian, and the fish is present in the coat of arms and flag of the town.

Korop cited first in hetman's Ostrianytsia universal statement in 1638. Many pre-historic settlements, dated to the 3rd to 5th centuries and the 10th to 13th centuries have been discovered near the town.

Notable people[edit]


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Coordinates: 51°34′N 32°58′E / 51.567°N 32.967°E / 51.567; 32.967