Kororoit state by-election, 2008

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The Kororoit by-election, 2008 was held on 28 June 2008 for the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of Kororoit. The by-election was triggered when Labor MLA and former state Police Minister Andre Haermeyer resigned from parliament on 3 June. It was held on the same day as the by-election for the Victorian federal seat of Gippsland.[1]

Kororoit was the third safest seat in the state for the governing Labor Party, based on the results of the 2006 state election. The opposition Liberal Party contested the by-election, with state president David Kemp stating that the party would mount a "strong campaign". There had earlier been reports that the party might not run a candidate, as had been the case in the 2007 by-elections for the safe Labor seats of Albert Park and Williamstown.[1][2]

Labor candidate Marlene Kairouz was elected as the new member for Kororoit.


Kororoit state by-election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Marlene Kairouz 15,339 48.50 -13.12
Liberal Jenny Matic 6,650 21.03 +5.06
Independent Les Twentyman 6,451 20.40 +20.40
Greens Marcus Power 1,465 4.63 -2.61
Independent Tania Walters 1,292 4.08 +4.08
CEC Andre Kozlowski 432 1.37 -0.80
Total formal votes 31,629 93.69 -1.50
Informal votes 2,129 6.31 +1.50
Turnout 33,758 83.31 -8.96
Labor hold Swing N/A

Distribution of Preferences[edit]

Because Labor attained an absolute majority of formal votes after the elimination of two candidates, no formal two candidate preferred count was determined for this contest.[3]

Distribution of Preferences
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Marlene Kairouz 16,152 51.07
Liberal Jenny Matic 6,970 22.04
Independent Les Twentyman 6,780 21.44
Greens Marcus Power 1,727 5.46


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