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The Korova Milk Bar set from the film version of A Clockwork Orange

The Korova Milk Bar (from Russian корова, korova, "cow") appears in the novel and film A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. It is a twisted version of a milk bar which serves milk laced with drugs ("moloko plus"). The protagonist and narrator Alex lists some of the fictitious ingredients one can request: vellocet (Russian for amphetamines), synthemesc (synthetic mescaline), drencrom (adrenochrome). For the ingredient drencrom, he uses the phrase (drink the milk) "with knives in it," as it "would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultra-violence".[1] By serving milk instead of alcohol, the bar is able to serve minors. In the film, the bar has furniture in the shape of naked women[2] and the milk is served from their nipples.

Other uses[edit]

There was a bar in New York City's East Village named the Korova Milk Bar styled after the bar in the film.[3] The bar closed in October 2006; it had served as a gathering site for the city's goth, punk, industrial, metal, hardcore, and fetish subcultures for many years.[4] In September 2007, the bar re-opened in White Plains, New York.[5] This location has also since closed.[6]

A nightclub called Korova Milk Bar exists in Melbourne, Australia.

A bar opened in Toronto, Ontario, Canada called the Korova Milk Bar but is now closed. It did not bear any resemblance to the bar in the movie or book but shared the same name.[7]

Korova is also the name of a bar and music venue in Liverpool, founded by members of the band Ladytron. The earlier Liverpool band Echo & the Bunnymen were also signed to a record label of that name.[8] Korova was also the name of cafe bar and live music, theatre and comedy venue in Preston.

Korova Milk Bar is also the name of a mountain bike trail in Whistler, B.C. built by Dan Raymond. The trail links up with another trail named in the same theme, A Rockwork Orange.

Korova Edibles are also a brand of marijuana baked goods sold in marijuana dispensaries throughout the California, Nevada, and Arizona.[9]

Korova Milky Bar is also the name of an album by the Polish band Myslovitz, released in 2002.

The Korova is a music venue in San Antonio, Texas with interior design based on the Kubrick film.[10]


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