Korp! Leola

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Korp! Leola
Founded16 October 1920; 103 years ago (1920-10-16)
Tallinn, Estonia
MottoFaithfulness, goodness, honesty
SloganAge quod agis

Korp! Leola (Leola Corporation) is an Estonian student fraternity.


Korp! Leola was established on 16 October 1920 as the first student fraternity in Tallinn. After being declared forbidden under the Soviet occupations in 1940, Korp! Leola went inactive. It was re-established in Estonia in 1988, becoming the first student fraternity established in the newly independent Estonia.

The group is among several student corporations affiliated with Tallinn University of Technology.[1]


Korp! Leola's slogan is Age quod agis.and its motto is "Faithfulness, goodness, honesty";


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