Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket order of battle

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This order of battle lists the Soviet and German forces involved in the Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy_Pocket in January - February 1944.

Front Army Corps Division
1st Ukrainian
27th Army
47th Rifle Corps 38th Rifle Division
136th Rifle Division
180th Rifle Division
Subordinated to army  206th Rifle Division
309th Rifle Division
337th Rifle Division
159th Fortified Region
40th Army
50th Rifle Corps 74th Rifle Division
163rd Rifle Division
240th Rifle Division
51st Rifle Corps
(to SW of pocket)
167th Rifle Division
232nd Rifle Division
340th Rifle Division
Subordinated to army  Czechoslovak Brigade
6th Tank Army
5th Mechanized Corps
5th Guards Tank Corps
Subordinated to front
Direct front control
42nd Guards Rifle Division
237th Rifle Division
389th Rifle Division
1st Guards Cavalry Corps
1st Guards Artillery Division
3rd Guards
Rocket Launcher Division
2nd Ukrainian
4th Guards Army
20th Guards Rifle Corps
5th Guards Airborne Division
66th Guards Rifle Division
375th Rifle Division
21st Guards Rifle Corps
69th Guards Rifle Division
138th Rifle Division
52nd Army
73rd Rifle Corps
7th Guards Airborne Division
62nd Guards Rifle Division
78th Rifle Corps
254th Rifle Division
373rd Rifle Division
Subordinated to army
294th Rifle Division
5th Guards Tank Army
18th Tank Corps
29th Tank Corps
Subordinated to front
26th Guards Rifle Corps
25th Guards Rifle Division
6th Rifle Division
31st Rifle Division
Direct front control 89th Guards Rifle Division
5th Guards Cavalry Corps
20th Tank Corps

Army Group Army Corps Division
8th Army
XI Corps (encircled) 5th SS Panzer Division
5th SS Infantry Brigade
57th Infantry Division
72nd Infantry Division
389th Infantry Division
XXXXVII Panzer Corps
(relief force)
3rd Panzer Division
11th Panzer Division
13th Panzer Division
14th Panzer Division
1st Panzer Army
XXXXII Corps (encircled) Corps Detachment B
88th Infantry Division
1/3 of 168th Infantry Division
III Panzer Corps
(relief force)
1st Panzer Division
16th Panzer Division
17th Panzer Division
1st SS Panzer Division
198th Infantry Division
Bäke Heavy Tank Regiment


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