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Kortedala Torg, the biggest square in the district.
Looking towards the main square "Kortedala torg" from the tram station, to the right lies the police station for northeastern Gothenburg.

Kortedala is a district, mainly residential (apartment housing), in the north-eastern part of Gothenburg in western Sweden. The area houses a population of around 10,000 inhabitants and is one of the typical 1950s suburbs of Gothenburg. The area is very lush and green with many trees and parks. Kortedala also has Gothenburg's largest ice-skating rink named, Isdala, and a big sports centre named Alelyckan. There are four local squares, three smaller ones and the bigger Kortedala Torg. Kortedala is on the tram lines 6, 7 or 11, line 6 terminating at Aprilgatan.

In 2007, Swedish musician Jens Lekman released an album titled Night Falls Over Kortedala. He also wrote a song called Tram #7 to Heaven about the tram to Bergsjön (where the streets are named after things to do with outer space), which travels through Kortedala.

Places of interest[edit]

  • Kortedala Torg - The big square.
  • Isdala - The ice rink.
  • Citytorget - Another square, where many restaurants and fast food establishments are located. For example, the only Italian pizzeria in eastern Gothenburg is situated here.
  • Almenacksplan - The local football field, where the local club Kortedala IF plays its league games.

Coordinates: 57°45′N 12°02′E / 57.750°N 12.033°E / 57.750; 12.033