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Kos, meaning "blackbird", is a Slavic surname very common in Slovenia. It is the 10th most common surname in Slovenia.[1] Unlike many other Slovene surnames, Kos is found throughout the country, although it's more common in the central and eastern regions than in the west.[1]

It can refer to:

  • Božo Kos (1931–2009), Slovenian illustrator, caricaturist, and vignettist
  • Franc Kos (1853–1924), Slovenian historian
  • Gojmir Anton Kos (1896–1970), Slovenian painter
  • Janko Kos (born 1931), Slovenian literary historian
  • Milko Kos (1892–1972), Slovenian historian
  • Vladimir Kos (born 1924), Slovenian Jesuit priest, poet, philosopher, essayist and translator
  • Tine Kos (1894–1977), Slovenian sculptor