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Kosa is a sports equipment manufacturer

Kosa may also refer to:

  • Kōsa, Japanese religious leader
  • Kosa (Maoist), Central Committee member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist)
  • Kōsa, Kumamoto, a town in Japan
  • Kosa, Russia, several rural localities in Russia
  • Kosa, Slunj (hr), a village near Slunj, Karlovac County, Croatia
  • KOSA-TV, television station
  • Kosa, one of the vilas in Serbian-Slavic mythology
  • Kosa, alternative spelling of kosha, any one of five sheaths or layers of the atman or soul according to Vedantic philosophy
  • Kosa, title of Kosa Pan, and other Siamese diplomats and ministers
  • Kosa phenomenon, a Japanese term for the Asian Dust sandstorm