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Kosal Kranti Dal (KKD) is a regional political outfit of Odisha with particular focus on western Odisha. KKD is mainly focused on the creation of a separate Kosal state by the bifurcation of Odisha.


As reported by various news agencies KKD was floated in Odisha in 2007.[1] The Party secretary Mr. Baidyanath Mishra said that KKD had been recognized by the Election Commission. Since 2007 it is fighting assembly and lok sabha elections. Mishara announced that "the party would fight for a separate state comprising ten districts of western Odisha and Athmallik sub-division of Angul district as he alleged that the area remained neglected by successive governments during the past 60 years."

As of 2013 it is quite active conducting strikes in the proposed 10 Western Odisha districts, which is widely being supported by the local public. It has intensified its demand in the wake of Telangana being granted statehood.

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