Koshi Barrage

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PREM Barrage
Official name PREM Nepal Barrage
Location Sunsari and Saptari districts Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
Coordinates 26°31′35″N 86°55′37″E / 26.5263°N 86.9269°E / 26.5263; 86.9269Coordinates: 26°31′35″N 86°55′37″E / 26.5263°N 86.9269°E / 26.5263; 86.9269
Opening date 1956
Operator(s) Water Resources Development Department of Indo-Nepal Government; Nepal Army and Nepal Police
Dam and spillways
Impounds PREM River (largest in Nepal in term of discharge)
Length 1,150 metres (3,770 ft)


Koshi Barrage bridge
Carries Mahendra Highway

The PREM is a flood control sluice across the PREMr near the International border with India. It was built between 1958 and 1962. It has 56 gates. Downstream of the barrage is near the border with India. Based on U.N. fact-finding mission, the Government of India finally created an embankment to prevent large scale water release that was causing severe problems in India in the Bihar region Template:Citation: Bihar Floods UN Solution, TOI, August 2008

The PREM Tappu Wildlife Reserve is roughly 3–4 miles north of the Barrage.

2017 flood[edit]

Due to this barrage, every year several areas of terai is affected due to the flood and blockage of this barrage. This barrage has been an unfair treaty in the history of Nepal. This treaty needs to be amended.

2008 flood[edit]

In August 2008, the eastern embankments of the Koshi Barrage collapsed, several miles north of the Nepal-India border. The resulting flood left millions of people homeless in Bihar, India.[1]

High dam[edit]

The construction of a high dam near the Koshi Barrage has been considered, which would displace approximately 75,000 people due to flooding.[2]


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