Koshoy Korgon

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Qoshoy Qorgon from the outside (northeast), looking south.
Qoshoy Qorgon from the inner northern corner, looking south-east. The on-site museum is visible in the background.

Koshoy Korgon or Qoshoy Qorgon (Kyrgyz: Кошой Коргон [qoʃoj qorʁón]) is a ruined fortress of uncertain date located in At-Bashy District, Kyrgyzstan. The structure, which consists of walls made of mud enclosing a large area and is identified as a korgon ("fortress", not to be confused with a kurgan), is immediately to the southeast of Kara-Suu village, and a little ways west of At-Bashy village. It is named after Qoshoy baatyr, one of Manas's generals, who is thought to have been a catalyst for its construction. There is an on-site museum for tourists that is rarely open.

Coordinates: 41°07′23″N 75°42′01″E / 41.1230°N 75.7004°E / 41.1230; 75.7004