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Location in Helsinki

Koskela (Finnish), Forsby (Swedish) is a district in the city of Helsinki, Finland. There are about 3 300 inhabitants. The borough is surrounded by Käpylä, Kumpula, Vanhakaupunki, and Oulunkylä. Koskela is located in the subdivision of Vanhankaupungin peruspiiri.

Koskela can be divided into two distinct areas: the small north side dominated by detached housing and the dense south side with apartment buildings.

Although one of the tram depots is named Koskelan varikko, it isn't situated in the borough.

The streets of Puu-Koskela (wooden Koskela) have been named after municipalities in Uusimaa.

Before the recession of the 90s, Koskela had many kiosks and stores. After the financial collapse, only one Alepa remained in the center of the apartment building district.


Results of the 2011 Finnish parliamentary election in Koskela:

Coordinates: 60°13′5″N 24°58′0″E / 60.21806°N 24.96667°E / 60.21806; 24.96667