Kosmos 111

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Kosmos 111
Luna 10 spacecraft. Kosmos 111 was probably similar in design.
Mission type Lunar orbiter
COSPAR ID 1966-017A
SATCAT № 2093
Mission duration Launch failure
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type E-6S
Start of mission
Launch date March 1, 1966, 11:03:49 (1966-03-01UTC11:03:49Z) UTC
Rocket Molniya-M 8K78M
Launch site Baikonur 31/6
End of mission
Decay date March 3, 1966 (1966-03-04)
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth

Kosmos 111 (Russian: Космос 111 meaning Cosmos 111) (E-6S series) was the first Soviet attempt to orbit a spacecraft around the Moon. The design was probably similar to the later successful Luna 10 spacecraft. It was launched on March 1, 1966. The mission was a failure. The Blok-L upper stage lost roll control and failed to send the spacecraft on a lunar trajectory. It re-entered the Earth's atmosphere two days later.

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