Kosmos Airlines

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Kosmos Airlines
Production Association
IATA ICAO Callsign
HubsMoscow-Vnukovo, Russia
Fleet size4
Parent companyROSKOSMOS
HeadquartersVnukovo, Moscow, Russia

Kosmos Airlines (Russian: КОСМОС производственное объединение, KOSMOS Proizvodstvennoe obiedinenie) is a Russian airline founded in 1995 which specialises in the delivery of cargo to launch sites.[1]


Kosmos Airlines departing from Moscow-Vnukovo

Kosmos Airlines was founded in 1995 as Aviacompany Kosmos. In 2001 it was renamed to Kosmos Airlines. It was operating in its Russian destinations as well as having passenger and cargo services. The An-12TB are the cargo aircraft and the Tupolev Tu-134B-3s and the Tupolev Tu-154 are the only passenger aircraft for Kosmos Airlines.


Tupolev Tu-154 of Kosmos Airlines landing in Moscow-Vnukovo
Tupolev Tu-134 of Kosmos Airlines, but in MAGAS livery, seen in 2008.

The Kosmos Airlines fleet comprises the following aircraft (as of July 2018):[2]

Kosmos Airlines Fleet
Aircraft In
Orders Passengers Notes
Tupolev Tu-134 3
Tupolev Tu-204[3] 1
Total 4

The airline fleet previously included the following aircraft (as of July 2014):

Vnukovo-3 Terminal "Kosmos"[edit]

Kosmos Airlines is based at Vnukovo airport and operates an airport terminal at Vnukovo-3, called Kosmos terminal.[4] Kosmos terminal has its own apron with parking ramps. It serves aircraft of Kosmos airlines as well as other airlines at Vnukovo.

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