Kosovan presidential election, 2016

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Kosovan presidential election, 2016

← 2011 26 February 2021 →

120 members of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo
81 (1st & 2nd rounds) or
61 (3rd round)
electoral votes needed to win

  Hashim Thaçi, 2012.jpg
Nominee Hashim Thaçi Rafet Rama
Electoral vote 50, 64, 71 4, 2, 0

President before election

Atifete Jahjaga


Hashim Thaçi

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Presidential elections were held in Kosovo on 26 February 2016. At first, they were planned to be held in 2013 following constitutional changes expected to be passed after the compromise reached after the indirect 2011 presidential elections.[1] However, on 6 July 2012, the Constitutional Court ruled that the presidential term could not be cut short in this way.[2]

Former Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi was elected after a third round of voting.

The Constitutional Court found no irregularities in the election.[3]

Electoral system[edit]

In order to be elected, a candidate was required to receive at least 80 votes in the first two rounds of voting, equivalent to two-thirds of the 120 members of the Assembly. In the third round, the requirement was reduced to a simple majority of 60 votes.[4]


Candidate Party First round Second round Third round
Votes % Votes % Votes %
Hashim Thaçi Democratic Party 50 92.6 64 97.0 71 100
Rafet Rama Democratic Party 4 7.4 2 3.0 0 0
Invalid/blank votes 27 15 10
Total 81 100 81 100 81 0
Registered voters/turnout 120 67.5 120 67.5 120 67.5
Source: Albeu, Balkan Insight