Kosovska Mitrovica District (Serbia)

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Kosovskomitrovički okrug
Косовскомитровички округ
District of Serbia
Location of Kosovska Mitrovica District (Serbia) in Serbia
Location of Kosovska Mitrovica District (Serbia) in Serbia
Country  Serbia
Capital Kosovska Mitrovica
ISO 3166 code RS-28
Municipalities 6

The Kosovska Mitrovica District (Serbian: Косовскомитровички округ, Kosovskomitrovički okrug pronounced [kôsoʋskoː mitrǒʋatʃkiː ôkruːɡ] ; Albanian: Distrikti i Mitrovicës) was a district in Kosovo between 1990 and 1999. It was located in the northern part of Kosovo i Metohija. It had a population of 275,904. Seat of the District was in the city of Kosovska Mitrovica. From one point of view of the Serbian government the district de jure still exist, despite the fact that Serbian government accepted civil UN administration over Kosovo. Kosovo declared independence in 2008.


The map of Kosovo's districts at the time

It included the municipalities of:

Culture and history[edit]

Kosovska Mitrovica - being a medieval settlement, is rich in famous edifices and monuments: the Church of St. Dimitri originating from the fourteenth century, and the Church of St. Sava from the nineteenth century. In the vicinity of Kosovska Mitrovica is the Devič Monastery, the first mention of which was found in 1578.

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Coordinates: 42°55′N 20°41′E / 42.917°N 20.683°E / 42.917; 20.683