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Koço Kotta
Koco Kotta.jpg
14th Prime Minister of Albania
In office
September 5, 1928 – March 5, 1930
Preceded by Ahmet Zogu
Succeeded by Pandeli Evangjeli
In office
November 9, 1936 – April 8, 1939
Preceded by Mehdi Frashëri
Succeeded by Shefqet Vërlaci
Personal details
Born 1889
Korçë, Manastir Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
Died 1949
Burrel, Albania

Kostaq Kotta or Koço Kotta (1889, in Korçë – 1949, in Burrel) was an Albanian politician and twice prime minister during the reign of King Zog, who took a pro-Italian right-wing stance.[1]

During his first term, he introduced civil code laws based on the Napoleonic model. He was a member of Mustafa Merlika-Kruja's cabinet in 1941.[2]

He was arrested in December 1944 and was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment by the Albanian Communists's Special Court of Spring 1945. He died in Burrel prison in 1947.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Ahmet Zogu
Prime Minister of Albania
September 10, 1928 – March 5, 1930
Succeeded by
Pandeli Evangjeli
Preceded by
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Prime Minister of Albania
November 9, 1936 – April 8, 1939
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