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Origin Manhattan, New York, USA
Genres Alternative
Years active 1995–1996
Labels Grand Royal
Members Jill Cunniff
Vivian Trimble

Kostars was an alternative/pop-rock side project formed by Vivian Trimble and Jill Cunniff while on a headlining tour with Luscious Jackson in 1995.[1] Trimble and Cunniff, who needed an additional outlet for the transistor radio hits they were writing, wrote under the name Kostars titled Klassics With A "K". The album was recorded at Kate Schellenbach's home studio, and released in 1996. It featured drums by Kate and a guest guitar spot by Gabby (also of Luscious Jackson) as well as Gene and Dean Ween of Ween and was engineered/recorded by Josephine Wiggs, bass player of The Breeders, marking her first full length engineering project.[1] A few years later, Wiggs and Trimble would release an album together as Dusty Trails.

The group only released the one full-length album, as well as one single for the track "Hey Cowboy", both of which were released on the Grand Royal label, the same label that released Luscious Jackson's albums. The distribution rights for the Kostars releases have since been sold to GR2 Records, where they are now sold on their website.[2]




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