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Kot Isa Shah is a village located on the Eastern bank of river Jehlum, and about eight miles from the town of Shah Jewna in Jhang District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Pir Isa Shah, the founder of the village was a descendant of Hazrat Mehboob Alam(Shah Jewna). He had handed over the 'gaddi' of Shah Jewna to his younger brother (Great grandfather of the current gaddi nashin) and moved to Kot Issa Shah.

Amongst his descendants, the most notable was Allah Yar Shah who had four sons: Mohammad Hussain Shah, Maqsood Ali Shah, Mohamad Raza Shah and Sajjad Hussain Shah. Mohammad Hussain Shah was a very influential, principled and respected man. He and his brothers were Unionists and were against the partition of India. After the partition of India, his cousins from Shah Jewna came to power because of their political ideology and being members of Muslim League, the post partition ruling party. The family of Isa Shah lost its place in national or provincial politics after Mohammad Hussain Shah but still wields influence locally. Syed Muhammad Asghar Ali Shah, the second son of Mohammad Hussain Shah is the current nazim of the area.

Family Tree

Abdul Mutlib, Abdul Munaf (Imran) (Abu Talib), Ali(AS), Hussain (AS), Ali Zain ul Abedeen (AS), Mohammad Al Baqir(AS), Jaffar As Sadiq-ibn-Mohammad (AS), Musa al Kazim (AS), Ali al Radha (AS), Mohammad al Taqi(AS), Ali al Naqi (AS), Jaffer as ThaniAli Asghar, Syed Ahmad, Syed Mehmood, Syed Mohammad, Syed Jafar, Syed Jalal Surkh Posh Bukhari, Syed Mohammad Ghous Qutub ul Aqtab, Noor-ud-deen Hussain, Syed Abdul Kareem, Syed Abdul Rehman Kabir, Shah kabeer, Syed Mehboob Alam Shah Jewna, Sakhi Habib, Syed Peer Kamal Shah, Syed Maqsood klann, Syed Allah Yar Shah, Syed Isa Shah, Peer Kamal Shah, Allah Yar Shah, Syed Mohammad Hussain Shah - Maqsood Ali Shah - Mohammad Radha Shah - Sajjad Hussain ShahMohammad Hussain Shah was survived by three sons and a daughter. Maqsood Ali Shah had two sons and three daughters. Mohammad Radha Shah had one son and one daughter and Sajjad Hussain had one daughter.

The syeds of Kot Isa Shah are now spread all over the world including Middle East, Europe, Americas and Australia.

Children of Muhammad Hussain Shah Syed Ali Hussain Shah: Ali Intikhab Raza Syed - Jawad Raza Syed - Syed Sajjad Haider - Syed Maqsood Haider - Saima Syed Mohammad Ali Asghar Shah: Sabih Asghar Shah,Fasih Asghar Shah, Musa Kazim Shah, Naveed Yasir Shah Syed Ali Abbas Shah:Itrat Abbas Shah, Aamer Abbas Shah, Farrukh Abbas Shah, Ali Owais Shah Najma Batool: Areesha Batool

Children of Maqsood Ali Shah Mansoora Bibi, Zil e Hasnain Shah, Farkhanda Bibi, Nasira Bibi, Kalb e Hasnain Shah

Children of Mohammad Radha Shah Bukhari Akhtar Bibi Tahir Radha Shah

Children of Sajjad Hussain Shah Rukhsana Bibi

Children of Syed Tahir Raza Shah
Syed Hassan Raza
Syed Shahzad Raza