Kot Radha Kishan

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Kot Radha Kishan
كوٹ رادها كِشن
City of Leather & Containers
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
Elevation 216 m (709 ft)
Population (2012)
 • Estimate () 3,17,000
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Union councils 4
City of Leather and Containers

Kot Radha Kishan is a city and Tehsil headquarters of Kot Radha Kishan Tehsil in Kasur District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The City is administratively subdivided into four Union councils.[1] It was formerly part of Kasur Tehsil and now it has been rewarded with the status of tehsil of district kasur due to the basic necessities of the current time and the mounting population of the area .It is located at 31°10'21N 74°5'59E with an altitude of 193 metres. Kot Radha Kishan is also called 'City of Containers and Leather'.[2]


The population of Kot Radha Kishan is about 1,55,000 with an annual growth rate of 2.7%, household size 7.4 and literacy rate is about 69%. The population of the surrounding villages of Kot Radha Kishan is more than 1,62,000 with a literacy rate of about 53%. These surrounding villages are totally depending on Kot Radha Kishan in sense of Railway Station, Bus Stand, Post Office, Banks, Colleges, Girls High Schools, sub-division courts, crops and vegetable market and to buy the house hold items for their daily use.[citation needed]


City of two Prime Ministers,The educated people of Kot Radha Kishan as well as surrounding villagers are mostly depending on government as well as private jobs. Illiterate people of the town are working as workers in nearly industrial zone of Raiwind as well as in Lahore and other from villages are depending on agriculture. Small numbers of people have power looms industries also in their homes.

Prem Nagar Village, where a large railway dry port operational, is situated in between Raiwand & Kot Radha Krishan in Punjab Province of Pakistan.


Although the population of Kot Radha Kishan is around 1,35,000. In 2014, Government hospital is now re-build with 80 beds.There is a public hospital "Rural Health Centre" that has two medical officers, a dental technician and around six paramedics. This hospital was granted the status of Tehsil Headquarters Hospital by the Punjab Government but unfortunately, basic health facilities are not yet provided in the hospital due to bad management and private practice of the doctors.People of this city and surrounding villages are enforced to contact hospitals in other cities like Lahore and private hospitals. Various small private hospitals are also set up in this city and these hospitals and highly qualified nursing and paramedical staff. Noor Hospital is one of the biggest in private sector hospitals with around 45 beds. A dozen of consultants with different specialities also visit this hospital from Lahore.


In the public sector, there are three separate public high schools for boys and girls, including Govt. High School No. 1 for boys, Govt. High School Kot Sardar Muhammad Khan and a high school for girls. There is also a large number of private schools are running in the city. This shows the love and devotion of the local people toward education. A High School in near village Pemar Utar is serving the people for many decades. The students of this school won prizes at district as well as divisional level. There are three degree colleges, two for boys and the other one for girls. These colleges provide education for intermediate and degree levels. Recently, a modern library has been built in the degree college for girls. Branches of various school chains like 'The Educators', 'Dar-e-Arqam are also spreading the light of education in the city[citation needed]Kot Radha Kishan is the smallest tehsil of Lahore Division but the 2nd highest literacy rate after Pattoki.

Major Educational Institutes[edit]

Approximately there are more than 170 Educational Institutes in Kot Radha Kishan few of them are listed below as Kot Radha Kishan is the smallest tehsil of Lahore Division but the 2nd highest literacy rate after Pattoki.

1. Govt College For Boys

2. Govt Post Graduate College For Girls

The only Govt College for female students of Kot Radha Kishan and surrounding villages.

3. Government Girls High School Mir Sahib Road Kot Radha Kishan Government Girls High School Bhai Pheru Road

One of the oldest institute for girls in Kot Radha Kishan who produced many notable personalities.

4. Government Boys High School Kot Radha Kishan No.1 Government Boys High School No.2

One of the oldest institute for boys in Kot Radha Kishan who produced many notable personalities.

5. Government Boys High School Kot Sardar Muhammad Khan

One of the oldest institute for boys in Kot Radha Kishan who produced many notable personalities.

6. Punjab Computer College Teacher Colony [1] 7. Iqra Rozatul Atfal Trust (اقراء روضۃالاطفال ٹرسٹ)

8. The Learning School

The Learning School Campus

In February 2002, Kot Radha Kishan Development Trust (KDT) was established to provide high-quality education in the area. The first project of KDT was the Learning school.[3] The local community contributed more than 20 million Pak Rupees in 2002 for its establishment.[4] The Learning School is catering the 20 km surrounding 52 villages through its own transport and its only school of Kasur district having its own transport system.[5] More than eight badges of matriculation classes passed with high marks from the school and are studying at different high ranking universities.[6] KDT is not getting any profit out of it but a nominal fee is being charged to the students for its sustainability as it is not depending on any donor but to run the school independently.[7]

9. Allied School System

10. Al-Riaz Model High School

11. Al-Islam Model High School

12. City Public School

13. Nobel Grammar Middle School

14. Little Angels Schools

15. Itafaq School System

16. Kids Valley - Montessori School

17. Govt Pakistan Model Elementary School

18. Allied School System

19. Minhaj-ul-Quran Public School

20.NEED SCHOOL,Azeem campus krk.

21. Dar-e-Arqam

22 Academy of Shining Stars

23.VISION QUEST Grammar School. (Kot Radha Kishen Campus)

... 24... Al-Niaz Girls High School


Coordinates: 31°10′21″N 74°5′59″E / 31.17250°N 74.09972°E / 31.17250; 74.09972

The Learning School & College, Kot Radha Kishen (Kasur - Pakistan)