Kota Hoshino

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Kota Hoshino
Born (1975-04-23) April 23, 1975 (age 45)[1]
OccupationVideo game composer
Notable work
Armored Core series

Kota Hoshino (星野康太, Hoshino Kota) (born April 23, 1975 in Tokyo, Japan[1]) is a Japanese musical composer employed by video game developer FromSoftware. As part of FromSoftware's sound team, "FreQuency", Hoshino primarily composes music for the company's flagship franchise, Armored Core.[2][3]

Hoshino was educated at Surugadai University and began working at From Software in spring of 1998.[1] His first project with the company was Echo Night for the PlayStation. As the game uses very little music, some unused tracks from the game were later used in Evergrace.[1] Hoshino states that he cannot read music, so he does not compose orchestral scores.[1]



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