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Kota Matsuda speaking in March 2015

Kota Matsuda (松田公太 Matsuda Kōta?, born December 3, 1968) is a Japanese entrepreneur, enterprise manager, politician from Tokyo [1] formerly belonging to Your Party [2] until it was disbanded in December 2014. He founded The Assembly to Energize Japan in January 2015 and is the party leader.[3]


Mr.Kota Matsuda, Founder and ex-President/CEO of Tully's Coffee Japan and ex-Member of the House of Councilors.

He founded Tully's Coffee Japan after leaving Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank (former Sanwa Bank), and succeeded in growing the business to be the 2nd largest specialty coffee chain in Japan following Starbucks Coffee Japan.

After That, He was elected as the Member of the House of Councilors (Upper House of Japanese Parliament)from the electoral district of Tokyo.


1968–1986: Born in Japan, grew up in Senegal and the United States.

1986–1990: Tsukuba University

1990–1996: Banker (Sanwa→Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ)

1997–2007: Founder and CEO of Tully's Coffee Japan

2007–2009: Tully’s Coffee International, President of Quiznos Asia-Pac, AFCM

2010–2016: Member of the House of Councillors of Japan. (Tokyo District)[4]


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