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Kota Matsuda (松田公太 Matsuda Kōta?, born December 3, 1968) is a Japanese businessman and politician from Tokyo [1] formerly belonging to Your Party [2] until it was disbanded in December 2014. He founded The Assembly to Energize Japan in January 2015 and the party leader.[3]


1968–1986 Born in Japan, grew up in Senegal and the United States.

1986–1990 Tsukuba University

1990–1996 Banker (Sanwa→Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ)

1997–2007 Founder and CEO of Tully's Coffee Japan, with 320 stores

2007–2009 Tully’s Coffee International, President of Quiznos Asia-Pac, AFCM

2010–present Member of the House of Councillors of Japan. (Tokyo District)[4]


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