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Kota sari

Kota doriya or Kota doria is one of many types of sari garments[1] made at kaithun in Kota, Rajasthan by handloom and in Muhammadabad Gohna, Mau in Uttar Pradesh and its nearby area by power loom.[2]


In 17th or 18th Century Prince of Kota Rao Kishore Singh, who was also General in Mughal army  of Shah Jahan bought some weavers family from Mysore. These weavers were called ‘Masurias’. These families were settled in Kaithoon village just outside Kota. This resulted in the fine art which we know as ‘Kota Doria’. Kota Doria fabric was always the royal fabric of Rajasthan.  Initially it was wore as hear gear by royal court members. Later it was used as Dhoti, much later it became famous as Sarees.

In the present time around 3000 families still live in Kaithoon and still earn their earning by weaving of Kota Doria.


Kota Doria is woven on a traditional pit loom in such a fashion that it produces square checks pattern on the fabric. The delicately wrought checks are locally known as khats. They smear onion juice and rice paste with a lot of care into the yarn making the yarn so strong that no additional finishing is needed.


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