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Kothagudem club entrance
Kothagudem club entrance
Country India
StateAndhra Pradesh
 • Member of Legislative AssemblySambasiva Rao Kunamneni
89 m (292 ft)
 • Total105,266
 • OfficialTelugu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
507101 to 507111
Telephone code+91-8744
Vehicle registrationAP20AXXXX, AP20DXXXX, AP20HXXXX, AP20MXXXX, AP20ACXXXX
Sex ratio1:1 /

Kothagudem (Telugu: కొత్తగూడెం) is an industrial town and municipality in the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh, about 270 km from Hyderabad. It is also known as the coal town of South India. Kothagudem and palvancha are the twin industrial towns in the state. Kothagudem is located at 17°33′00″N 80°37′05″E / 17.55°N 80.618°E / 17.55; 80.618.[1] It has an average elevation of 89 metres (295 ft) above seal level. The North of Kothagudem borders Chhattisgarh state which is approximately 120 km from the town. Kothagudem is the commercial capital of khammam district.

Kothagudem heads the Singareni Collieries Company Limited, the coal producing company in South India. It produces 40 million tonnes of coal every year. The Kothagudem Thermal Power station (K.T.P.S.), Nava Bharat Ferro Alloys (N.B.F.A.), Sponge Iron India Limited(S.I.I.L.) are some of the other prominent industries here. It has the only mining school in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Kothagudem School of Mines (K.S.M.). The area is endowed with rich forests, industries and landscape. Kothagudem is located very near to the temple town of Lord Rama, known as Bhadrachalam. It is approximately 40 km away from Bhadrachalam. The Railway station was originally named "Bhadrachalam Road", being the closest railway station to Bhadrachalam, an important pilgrimage location of Rama. The Kinnerasani Dam is a popular picnic spot. A rivulet viz Murredu, which is a tributary of River Godavari flows through the town.


Kothagudem is taken from two words "Kotha" meaning "New" and "gudem" ~ york . Palvancha is the industrial area of Kothagudem.


As per provisional data of 2011 census, Kothagudem urban agglomeration had a population of 119,450, out of which males were 58,652 and females were 60,798. The literacy rate was 81.86 per cent.[2]

As of 2001 India census,[3] Kothagudem had a population of 79,727. Males constitute 50% of the population and females 50%. Kothagudem has an average literacy rate of 70%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 78%, and female literacy is 63%. In Kothagudem, 10% of the population is under 6 years of age. The estimated population of the twin towns viz., Kothagudem and Palvancha is around 5 lakhs (0.5 million)


Even though Kothagudem biologically part of Telangana Region, You will see a mixed culture in this region. The accent is neutral because of proximity to both the regions. There are very few farmers in this region as majority of People are Employees in big industries(Singareni, KTPS, NBFA, Sponge Iron) in and around the town. Singareni Colleries itself is having approximately 64,982 employees and majority of them reside in Company Quarters located 10 km from town.


Kothagudem is known for its record high temperatures during summer, often crossing 48 Celsius mark.[4] It also have two extreme temperatures in the state as it touches 10C during winters and 50C during summers. In the recent years the temperature has regularly crossed 55 celsius mark. The highest temperature recorded till date is 58.01 degrees Celsius. But the government don't declare it officially.

Educational institutions

Kothagudem is regarded as the educational hub of Khammam district. There is a Kothagudem University College of Engineering, aliased Kothagudem School of mines, Kakatiya University]. Besides these schools, the town has one of the oldest Government Polytechnic colleges in the state and Industrial Training Institutes in the state. There are many popular schools in this town:

  • Government Polytechnic college Rudrampur*
  • Nava Bharat Public School ( First CBSE School in Kotagudem)Nava Bharat Public School
  • St. Mary's Girls High School, Kothagudem
  • St.Xavier's High School, Kothagudem
  • Swarna bharathi high School Ramavaram
  • St. Joseph's High School Rudrampur
  • sr digi school
  • Suryodaya School (Old Bus Depot)
  • Singareni colleries High School (Head post office) boasts to have the best teachers nurturing the young minds.
  • St. Mary's High School
  • Govt high school(Ramavaram)
  • Govt high school(cooli line)
  • Govt high school(babu camp)
  • Sri Sarada Vidyalaya
  • Bharath Public School (Ramavaram)
  • Sri Ramachandra boys High School
  • Triveni Talent school
  • Little Buds High School(Babu Camp)
  • Ravi Balaniketan High School(Medar Basti)
  • Coolie Line High School(Coolie line)
  • Sri Ramachandra Boys & Girls High School (Old Kothagudem)., Established in 1936.
  • Sri Ramachandra Girls High School (Opp. Bus Station)
  • NavaBharat High School(nav nagar)
  • New Indira Priyadarshini School
  • Siva sivani high school

There are quite a few Graduate and Post graduate Colleges and as many as Engineering Colleges located in and around Kothagudem:

  • Sri Ramachandra Government Arts & Science College at Laxmidevi Pally
  • K.Y,K.R.Y & B.N.Gouds. Government. College at Writer Basthi, Court side.
  • http://www.singareniwomenscollege.org Singareni Women's College, opposite Municipality Office, is considered one of the best colleges in the Khammam District.
  • Priyadarshini College, Near Bus Stand
  • Vivekavardhini College, at Laxmidevi Pally
  • Abdul Kalam Institute of Technological Sciences, vepalagadda
  • Margadarshini College
  • Krishnaveni College
  • Sri Chaitanya Haritha Jr College
  • Nalanda College
  • Adams Engineering College, Seetarama patnam, Palvancha
  • Anu Bose Institute of Science & Technology, Palvancha.
  • Abul Kalam Engineering College, Kothagudem
  • KLR Engineering college, Palvancha
  • Kavitha Engineering College

How to reach


The National Highway# 221 passes through Kothagudem. Kothagudem bus depot is one of the oldest bus depots in the district. Buses play to various parts of the state.


Kothagudem Railway Station is referred as "Bhadrachalam Road" (Railway Code : BDCR). This is one of the oldest railway stations in Andhra Pradesh. The train route initially started here for transferring coal to different parts of Nizam state. Later they started passenger trains. Trains to Hyderabad, Balharshah (Singareni Fast passenger), Vijayawada (Vijayawada passenger) connects the other towns. Prominent among the trains are Singareni fast passenger, one of the oldest passenger trains in the state. It covers all the coal-mining towns in the state. The 2008-'09 Railway budget has seen a promise of the station becoming a junction with introduction of new rail routes.

Some of the prominent trains are:

Train No. Train Name Origin Dep.Time Destination Arr.Time Days Of Run
12751 Manugur-Secunderabad Express MANUGUR 22:50 SECUNDERABAD JN 03:45 N Y N Y N Y N
12752 Secunderabad-Manugur Express SECUNDERABAD JN 23:45 MANUGUR 04:20 Y N Y N Y N N
57626 Kakatiya Fast Passenger MANUGUR 23:45 SECUNDERABAD JN 09:25 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57625 Kakatiya Fast Passenger SECUNDERABAD 18:40 MANUGUR 03:00 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57323 Singareni express/Fast Passenger BHADRACHALAM RD 05:45 SIRPUR TOWN 14:10 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57322 Singareni express/Fast Passenger SIRPUR TOWN 15:15 BHADRACHALAM ROAD 22:55 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57353 Vijayawada Passenger BHADRACHALAM ROAD 13:50 VIJAYAWADA Jn 19:20 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
57354 Bhadrachalam Road Passenger VIJAYAWADA Jn 08:00 BHADRACHALAM ROAD 12:40 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

Redundant information http://indiarailinfo.com/search/2649/836

Kothagudem Roads

Kothagudem has a good road system. There are road connections to Bhadrachalam khammam, Yellandu, Warangal, Sathupalli, Vijayawada, from the town in all the directions. The temple town Bhadrchalam is just 40 km from here and many other places like mothugudem water falls, Sileru dam, kinnerasani dam are within a 100 k.m radius. NH221- connecting Vijayawada in AP and Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh passes through the heart of Kothagudem town. While Kothagudem Main Road connects to the Bus Stand and routes for Coal mines, Singereni Head Quarters, Government offices, courts, stadium and many other government buildings, this road also connects the Major Shopping areas of the town M.G Road, named after Mahatma Gandhi, is the costliest and most densely populated areas of the town. Taj will be there in Kothagudem.

In and around the town

Kothagudem have had city buses after only Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada and Warangal in the state. These were a big hit from the 1970s until the late 1990s. Owing to ultra-urbanization and convenience, people started hiring auto-rickshaws these days. There are few city buses today while close to 10,000 auto-rickshaws ply in twin-towns of Kothagudem and Palvancha.

Where to stay

There are three star hotels viz Hotel Lepakshi, Thatipalli Residency and Surya Palace are a prominent few.

Sports and recreation

Kothagudem stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in the country. Eminent Cricket players of repute viz Mohd. Azharuddin, Arun lal, Shivlal Yadav etc. played here through Ranji Trophy. The stadium also hosted several national tournaments including volleyball, Kabbadi etc. under the aegis of Sports council of the state.


The All India Radio(AIR) has one of its AIR stations here transmitting FM. The AIR, Kothagudem is quite famous, providing news to its neighboring districts.

Parks and clubs

Kothagudem has had two major parks viz Children's park, one of the oldest parks, maintained by Singareni Colleries in the town and Municipal Rajiv Park "Town park" near hanuman basthi maintained by Municipality. Kothagudem Club, Singareni club, KCOA and RCOA Club are quite big clubs in the state. Social service clubs include 5 Lions Clubs, Dist 324 C9 Lion District, Rotary club of Kothagudem, Vasavi Club. Rotary, Kothagudem has had a privilege to distribute several calipers for the poor-handicapped.

Kothagudem Theatres

There are 8 theatres in Kothagudem within a half kilometer distance.

    • Sri Durga Kala Mandir A/C D.T.S
    • Parameswari A/C D.T.S Lakshmidevi Pally
    • Poorna Picture Palace A/C D.T.S Lakshmidevi P
    • Maheswari Theatre A/C D.T.S Palakendram
    • Vishwaroopa Theatre
    • Rama Talkies (now closed)
    • Nageshwara Talkies Vidya Nagar Colony (now closed)
    • Sri Lakshmi Ramavaram (now closed)
    • Srinivasa Talkies Ramavaram (now closed)

Places of interest

    • Bhadrachalam- Lord Sri Rama's temple, which is very famous in south india.
    • Open-cast and underground mines (Special permission from SCCL to be sought)
    • Thrimatha panchayatana Kshetram (Three Goddess Temple), only the first of its kind in India.
    • Kinnerasani Dam, Sanctuary and wild life.
    • Nava Bharat Balaji Temple, a unique temple constructed with marble stone.
    • Sri Venkateshwara Temple, 7-incline (now abandoned)
    • Garimellapadu forests
    • Wildlife sanctuary through the forests connecting twin towns - Kothagudem and Palvancha


Other prominent places within Kothagudem are Ganesh Basti, Super bazaar, Head office, Main hospital, Berley-pit, Babu camp, Burma camp, Srinagar, Golla Gudem, Medar Basti, Pedda Bazar, Nethaji Market, Gajularajam Basti, Coolie line, Ramavaram, 3-Incline, 4-incline, 5-incline, Dhanbad, Rudrampur, 7-incline (now abandoned), Budidhagadda, Ramnagarcolony, Writers-basti,Vidyanagar colony, Gandhinagar, LD pally, chatakonda, chunchupalli,Ramanjaneya colony, Post Office Center, Gouthampur, peon basthi, hanuman basthi, old depot, pragathinagar, rama talkis area, dhurjan basthi, ganga bishan basthi, old kothagudem, Subash Chandra Bose Nagar(Bharath School), vidya nagar colony, housing board colony, Ram Nagar, Gandhi Colony.


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