Kotido District

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Kotido District
District location in Uganda
District location in Uganda
Coordinates: 03°31′N 34°07′E / 3.517°N 34.117°E / 3.517; 34.117Coordinates: 03°31′N 34°07′E / 3.517°N 34.117°E / 3.517; 34.117
Country  Uganda
Region Northern Uganda
Sub-region Karamoja sub-region
Capital Kotido
 • Total 759.7 km2 (293.3 sq mi)
Population (2012 Estimate)
 • Total 236,900
 • Density 311.8/km2 (808/sq mi)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
Website www.kotido.go.ug

Kotido District is a district in Northern Uganda. It is named after its 'chief town', Kotido, where the district headquarters are located.


Kotido District is bordered by Kaabong District to the north, Moroto District to the east, Napak District to the south and Abim District to the west. Agago District and Kitgum District lie to the northwest of Kotido District.[1] The district headquarters at Kotido are located approximately 100 kilometres (62 mi), by road, northwest of Moroto, the largest town in the sub-region.[2] This location lies approximately 430 kilometres (270 mi), by road, northeast of Kampala, the capital of Uganda and the largest city in that country.[3] The coordinates of the district are:03 31N, 34 07E.


The district is part of the Karamoja sub-region, home to an estimated 1.2 million Karimojong, according to the 2002 national census. The sub-region consists of the following districts: (a) Abim District (b) Amudat District (c) Kaabong District (d) Kotido District (e) Moroto District (f) Nakapiripirit District and (g) Napak District.


In 1991, the national population census estimated the district population at about 62,340. The national census in 2002 estimated the population of the district at about 129,100. The annual population growth rate in Kotido District, between 2002 and 2012, has been calculated at 6.39%. It is estimated that in 2012, the population of Kotido District was approximately 236,900.[4]

Sub-counties and parishes[edit]

Sub-county 2008
Kacheri 21,092 Kacheri, Lokiding, Losakucha
36,828 Kanawat, Lokitelaebu, Losilang
Kotido Town Council 18,806 Kotido Central, Kotido East, Kotido North, Kotido West, Lokochil, Kotido Rural, Narikapet
Nakapelimoru 21,233 Lookorok, Potongor, Watakau
Panyangara 54,484 Kamau, Loletio, Lopotha, Rikitae
Rengen 26,863 Kotyang, Lokadeli, Nakwakwa, Lopoyo, Naponga
Total 179,306[citation needed]

Economic activities[edit]

Nomadic pastoralism is the main economic activity in the district. In some areas, peasant agriculture is practiced. The crops grown include the following:[5]

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