Kotipalli railway station

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Indian Railway Station
Location Kotipalli, East Godavari distt., Andhra Pradesh
Coordinates 16°42′36″N 82°02′38″E / 16.71001°N 82.04382°E / 16.71001; 82.04382Coordinates: 16°42′36″N 82°02′38″E / 16.71001°N 82.04382°E / 16.71001; 82.04382
Elevation 14 m (46 ft)
Line(s) Kakinada-Kotipally branch line
Platforms 1 (at ground level)
Tracks Broad gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Parking Not required
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code KPLH
Zone(s) South Central Railway
Division(s) Vijayawada
Opened 1928
Closed 1940
Rebuilt 2004
Kotipalli railway station is located in Andhra Pradesh
Kotipalli railway station
Kotipalli railway station
Location in Andhra Pradesh

Kotipalli railway station (station code:KPLH), located in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, serves Kotipalli in East Godavari district.


Kotipalli railway station is located in the fringe areas of Konaseema region on the Godavari delta. [1]


The Kakinada-Kotipalli branch line was first laid in 1928, but was removed in 1940 with the onset of World War II. The British rulers, then ruling in India, were facing shortage of steel and took away the tracks for use somewhere else.[2] The 45-kilometre-long (28 mi) line was relaid at a cost of Rs. 67 Crores (670 million). It was formally opened in November 2004. However, that was only a partly finished project.[3]

The balance of the project[edit]

The total project envisaged construction of two lines – the first from Kakinada to Kotipalli, and the second from Kotipally to Narsapur via Amalapuram. The 2001-02 estimates for the Kotipalli-Narsapur line was Rs. 710 Crores (7.1 billion). The estimates are high because three bridges need to be constructed across three distributaries of the Godavari: first, a 5-kilometre-long (3.1 mi) bridge across the Gautami between Kotipalli and Mukteswaram, second, a bridge across Vainateya, between Bodasakurru and Pasarlapudi, and third, across the Vasista between Narsapur and Sakinetipally.[4][5] In the context of limited resources for funding projects in India, it is a tall order, and funds are coming only in trickles, as for example Rs. 2 Crores (20million) spent in acquiring 110 acres of land.[4] Obviously, such a project had high-profile backers such as G. M. C. Balayogi who was Speaker of the Lok Sabha from 1998-2002, and S.P.B.K. Satyanarayana Rao, former union minister and MP from Rajahmundry.[3][4]


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