Kotoko people

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Total population
49,071 people
Regions with significant populations
northern Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria
Islam, Christianity

The Kotoko people , also called Mser, Moria, Bara and Makari,[1] are an ethnic group located in northern Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria.[2] The Kotoko population is composed of 49,071 people, the majority of which, 40,904 people live in Cameroon. The Kotoko form part of the Chadic people. The mother tongue is Lagwan. Most of the Kotoko are Sunni Muslims, but some belong to other Islam sects like Ibadhi, Ahmadi, Alevi, Yazidi, Druze and Khariji. Only slightly more than 10% of the population is Evangelical.[1] They founded the Kotoko kingdom in the 15th century.


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