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Kotori, mascot of KotoriCon
GenreAnime, Manga, Japanese pop culture, and Video games[1][2]
VenueRowan College at Gloucester County
Location(s)Sewell, New Jersey
CountryUnited States
Attendance705 in 2012
Organized byRCGC Japanese Anime Guild[3]

KotoriCon is an annual two-day anime convention held during January at Rowan College at Gloucester County (formerly known as Gloucester County College) in Sewell, New Jersey.[1][4] It is sponsored by the college's Japanese Anime Guild and KotoriCon's name comes from the Japanese for little bird, inspired by the colleges roadrunner mascot.[5][6] The convention is designed to be family-friendly.[7]


The convention typically offers anime music videos contest, artists’ alley, charity auction, comedians, cosplay events, dealers' rooms, Jedi events, karaoke, live performances, martial arts demonstrations, panels, and video game tournaments.[2][7][8][9]

Proceeds from the 2011 convention went to the Doctors Without Borders and Child’s Play charity.[9] In 2012 the charity auction benefited Direct Relief International and the Lauren Rose Foundation.[7] Proceeds from the convention in 2012 resulted in an $700 donation to Mothers Matters.[10] Charities the 2013 convention benefited were Hurricane Sandy victims and Liberty in North Korea (LiNK).[11] The 2014 charity auction benefited The AbleGamers Foundation, a North Korean human-rights group, and others.[12] The 2015 charities that KotoriCon supported were Able Gamers, Doctors Without Borders, Liberty in North Korea, and Pets for Vets.[6][8] 2017's charities included Child's Play, Doctors without Borders, Indochinese-American Council, KotoriCon Endowment, Liberty in North Korea, Pets for Vets, and Seabrook Buddhist Temple.[13]


The convention in 2010 started under the name Gloucester County Anime Convention.[5] Video gaming was held in the cafeteria on Friday night in 2011.[2] The convention was spread out among three buildings on the Gloucester County College campus including the Fine Arts Center, College Center, and The Instructional Center.[9] The third KotoriCon was in two locations, Pitman High School and Gloucester County College; in the first location, a concert by Eyeshine took place on January 6, 2012.[14]

Event history[edit]

Dates Location Atten. Guests
January 16, 2010 Gloucester County College
Sewell, New Jersey
250-350[1][2]Aikido Agatsu Dojo, Dr. Ross Beitzel, Chie Matsumura Dusk, geist, Jamie McGonnigal, Pennsylvania Jedi, Princeton Kendo and Iaido Club, Michael Shore, Katie Tom-Wolverton, and Peter Tom-Wolverton.[15]
January 14–15, 2011 Gloucester County College
Sewell, New Jersey
505Robert Axelrod, Cosplay Joe, Jonny "Jace" Davidson, Chie Matsumura Dusk, KyoDaiko, LeetStreet Boys, MaeMae, Reni Mimura, Pennsylvania Jedi, Promise Sisters, Katie Tom-Wolverton, Peter Tom-Wolverton, and Uncle Yo.[16]
January 6–7, 2012 Pitman High School;[7] Gloucester County College
Pitman, New Jersey; Sewell, New Jersey
705+2 Comedy, The Asterplace, Johnny Yong Bosch, Daniel Coglan, Jillian Coglan, Elderberry, Eyeshine, Gavin Goszka, Ichigo Pantsu, Michele Knotz, DJ Kurono, KyoDaiko, Catherine Maiorino, Jamie McGonnigal, Mesquite Honey, Pennsylvania Jedi, Bill Rogers, Sneko, Uncle Yo, and Stuart Zagnit.[17]
January 12, 2013 Gloucester County College
Sewell, New Jersey
+2 Comedy, The Asterplace, Daniel Coglan, Jillian Coglan, CJ Henderson, Michele Knotz, Jamie McGonnigal, Scott A. Melzer, Pennsylvania Jedi, Platform One, Mike Pollock, Bill Rogers, Ian Rubin, Sneko, Uncle Yo, and Uzuhi.[18]
January 11–12, 2014 Gloucester County College
Sewell, New Jersey
1,200[19]+2 Comedy, 501st Legion, The Asterplace, The Audio Pool, Daniel Coglan, Jillian Coglan, Gavin Goszka, CJ Henderson, The Hsu-nami, Michele Knotz, Jamie McGonnigal, Mega Ran, Scott A. Melzer, Bill Rogers, Ian Rubin, Sneko, Sonny Strait, Uncle Yo, and Uzuhi.[20]
January 9–10, 2015 Rowan College at Gloucester County
(formerly Gloucester County College)
Sewell, New Jersey
1500[21]Danielle Ackley-McPhail, The Asterplace, Greg Cipes, Charles Dunbar, Chuck Huber, Michele Knotz, KyoDaiko, Jamie McGonnigal, Scott A. Melzer, The Ricecookers, Ian Rubin, Sonny Strait, Uncle Yo, Lisle Wilkerson,[22] K-Ble Jungle, Ciro Nieli, and Ted Williams.[23]
January 8–9, 2016 Rowan College at Gloucester County
Sewell, New Jersey
1374[24]The Asterplace, James Carter Cathcart, Daniel Coglan, Jillian Coglan, Mr. Creepy Pasta, Patrick Drazen, Charles Dunbar, Hoh Daiko Taiko, Kazha, Michele Knotz, Reuben Langdon, Jamie McGonnigal, Brandon Jay McLaren, "Trailer" Drake McWhorter, Scott A. Melzer, Daman Mills, Ian Rubin, Uncle Yo, and Greg Wicker.[25]
January 6-7, 2017 Rowan College at Gloucester County
Sewell, New Jersey
111[26]0+2 Comedy, The Asterplace, James Carter Cathcart, COMezik, Charles Dunbar, Tiffany Grant, Hoh Daiko Taiko, Michele Knotz, Jamie McGonnigal, Scott A. Melzer, Daman Mills, Sarah Palmer, Uncle Yo, Greg Wicker, and Stuart Zagnit.[27]
January 5-6, 2018 Rowan College at Gloucester County
Sewell, New Jersey
1020[28]+2 Comedy, The Asterplace, James Carter Cathcart, Hoh Daiko Taiko, Natalie Hoover, Kazha, Michele Knotz, Michaela Laws, Jamie McGonnigal, Scott A. Melzer, Daman Mills, and The Slants.[29]

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