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Kotorosl 2.JPG
Kotorosl River in Yaroslavl
Native nameКоторосль  (Russian)
Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
57°36′58″N 39°54′21″E / 57.6161°N 39.9058°E / 57.6161; 39.9058Coordinates: 57°36′58″N 39°54′21″E / 57.6161°N 39.9058°E / 57.6161; 39.9058
Length132 km (82 mi)
Basin size6,370 km2 (2,460 sq mi)
Basin features
ProgressionVolgaCaspian Sea

The Kotorosl (Russian: Ко́торосль) is a right tributary of the Volga in the Yaroslavl Oblast of Russia. The river flows from Lake Nero near Rostov past Karabikha and enters the Volga in Yaroslavl. It is 132 kilometres (82 mi) long, and has a drainage basin of 6,370 square kilometres (2,460 sq mi).[1]

In the medieval ages, the river was highly important strategically, for it connected Rostov with major waterways of Russia. The Kotorosl's main tributary is the Ustye, which flows past Semibratovo to Borisogleb.[citation needed]