Kotoura, Tottori

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Flag of Kotoura
Official seal of Kotoura
Location of Kotoura in Tottori Prefecture
Location of Kotoura in Tottori Prefecture
Kotoura is located in Japan
Location in Japan
Coordinates: 35°30′N 133°42′E / 35.500°N 133.700°E / 35.500; 133.700Coordinates: 35°30′N 133°42′E / 35.500°N 133.700°E / 35.500; 133.700
Country Japan
Region Chūgoku
Prefecture Tottori Prefecture
District Tōhaku
 • Total 139.97 km2 (54.04 sq mi)
Population (June 1, 2016)
 • Total 17,219
 • Density 123/km2 (320/sq mi)
 • Tree Japanese beech
 • Flower Cherry blossom
 • Bird Common kingfisher
Time zone UTC+9 (JST)
Website www.town.kotoura.tottori.jp

Kotoura (琴浦町, Kotoura-chō) is a town located in Tōhaku District, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.

As of February 2, 2012, the town had an estimated population of 18,183 and a population density of 130 per km². The total area is 139.90 square kilometres (54.02 sq mi).


The name of Kotoura in Japanese is formed from two kanji. The first, , refers to the traditional Japanese 13-string musical instrument, and the second, means "cove". The name of the town is taken from a stretch of the coast on the Japan Sea called Koto-no-ura (琴ノ浦).


Kotoura has been settled since ancient times. A dōtaku bronze bell was unearthed in Yabase district, one of only 400 in Japan, and a bronze sword was unearthed in Tagoshi district. Both items are from the Yayoi period (300 BC–250 AD), and both suggest a prosperous settlement in Kotoura in this period. The diary of Fujiwara no Sanesuke (957–1046), published as the Shōyūki describe rich pastures in the area during the Heian period (794–1185). Kotoura was used after this period as a center for animal husbandry; many new species of farm animals emerged from the area. In the Edo period (1603–1868) the karō of Tottori Domain resided in Kotoura, and supported a thriving market in the Urayasu district.[1]

Kotoura was formed on September 1, 2004 by the merger of the towns of Tōhaku and Akasaki, both from Tōhaku District.


The Population distribution of Kotoura


To the north Kotoura has a broad coast along the Japan Sea, while the southern part of the city rises to the Chūgoku Mountains. Mount Senjō, to the southwest of the town, is within the Mount Daisen range.

Tottori Prefectural Road 34
Roadside Station(Michinoeki) Port Akasaki at Kotoura Town

Bordering municipalities[edit]

Kotoura borders on four other municipalities in Tottori Prefecture.



Kotoura is served by the JR West San'in Main Line, specifically the segment that runs between the city of Tottori and Masuda, Shimane Prefecture.



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  • Prefectural Routes
    • Tottori Prefecture Route 30
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    • Tottori Prefecture Route 503

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