Kottbusser Tor (Berlin U-Bahn)

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Window cleaner at Kottbusser Tor, by Elsa Thiemann c.1946
Kottbusser Tor station
view Kottbusser Tor station at night

Kottbusser Tor is a Berlin U-Bahn station located on the U1 and U8. Many Berliners use the affectionate term Kotti.

It is located in central Kreuzberg. The area has a bad reputation for the relatively high, mainly drug-related crime rate, instances of which have recently[when?] become quite rare in most other parts of the district[citation needed].The original Kottbusser Tor was a southern city gate of Berlin; the road through the gate led via the Neukölln suburb to the town of Cottbus.

Platform view of the U8

The station on the first Berlin U-Bahn line from Potsdamer Platz to Stralauer Tor was opened on 18 February 1902 on a viaduct above Skalitzer Straße. When in 1926 the U8 was built, a new two-level station was constructed 100 metres (330 ft) westwards to allow both lines to meet in one location, and the original station was demolished.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°29′57″N 13°25′05″E / 52.49917°N 13.41806°E / 52.49917; 13.41806