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Kotthu s piletinom.JPG
Chicken kotthu in restaurant
Alternative names Koththu roti, Kotthu
Course Main course
Place of origin Sri Lanka
Serving temperature Hot
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Kothu (chopped) or koththu roti (Sinhala: කොත්තුරොටි, Tamil: கொத்துரொட்டி) is a Sri Lankan dish made from Godhamba roti (a type of Sri Lankan roti) and vegetables, egg and/or meat, and spices;[1][2] the bread is described as similar to parotta and roti canai.[3] A common dinner dish,[4] kothu has become popular in North American cities such as Toronto,[5] as well as in New York City's Little Sri Lanka neighborhood.[6] “Kottu Roti” translates to “chopped roti” in Tamil.[7]

Generally, the consumer chooses what and how much of the amount of ingredients are included if someone else is preparing.[8][9] Kothu is considered the Sri Lankan equivalent of the hamburger, in terms of its popularity.[10]

The Kothu Fest is an annual Sri Lankan food festival held at Albert Campbell Square in Toronto, Canada, with chefs serving various types of Kothu.


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